Korean Drama- Faith/Six Flying Dragon/Iljimae/Scholar who Walks in the Night : filming location- Buyeo Daejosa Temple/Seongheungsanseong Fortress/Tree of Love

This post was originally written in 2013 after I visited Buyeo for Faith, after that, I found the Tree of Love appeared in most of the drama set in historical Goryeo/Joseon that I have watched ever since, not just Faith, also in the last ep of Scholar who Walks in the Night, Iljimae, and also recently in episode 4 of Six Flying Dragons. I heard it has also appeared in the Scent of Woman.

You can go to Buyeo 부여 from Seoul Nambu Bus Terminal.

If you don’t speak Korean, write down the name of the place where you need to go in Korean preferably, if not, then in English, do not try to pronounce it as if it is English (I have done that before I learnt a bit of Korean, and quite often they can’t understand what we are saying… like Buyeo is actually bu-yor, not buy-yo…)

Take Bus 12, just tell the staff at ticket office where you want to go, he/she will give you a ticket of the next bus.

It takes about 2 hours to get there to Buyeo from Seoul. And this is what it looks like when you get off the bus.

Walk backwards, you will see the back of this church, and turn around the church and cross the road, you will be where I am taking this picture, at the bus station right across the road from the church.

Bus Timetable

Actually quite a few buses can get you to your destination Imcheon 임천 (this sounds like English, just like Incheon but change n to m, you can tell the bus driver when you get on the bus, then they can tell you when it is time for you to get off.) And I have circled it in the timetable below. You need to pay attention to the buses when they arrive, the names of the places they are going to is shown clearly in front of the bus behind the front window. (Sorry, I didn’t have time to take a picture of it when I got on the bus.) Alternatively, just ask every single driver “Imcheon?” when the buses stop at the station…

Unlike buses in Seoul, there is no announcement what the next stop is… so I was kinda worried when I got on the bus. The driver was very nice and told me where to get off when I arrive though. When I was on the bus, I thought about Hyun Bin’s drama Worlds Within (他們生活的世界), it is just like the bus he took when he was going back home to visit his parents… If you pay attention, you actually can know when you will get off, but better lean on the safe side and just say Im-cheon when you get on the bus.

The sign I saw on the way that told me I was getting there soon. (Sorry for the quality of the pic, as the bus was moving quickly.)

Walk further along the way the bus is going when you get off the bus, you will see a big sign.

Walk past this side and turn left, I was actually a bit confused on which path to take, because I couldn’t find any clear signs when I was there, so after asking around in my broken Korean and using body language, I found the right path, which is this one.

As you walk up you will see a school and then the rest of these…

100th Anniversary!!! of the school!

This is what you will see (Imcheon Myeon Office) at the top of the path, then turn right.

There are signs along the way, but I couldn’t find Daejosa/Seungheongsanseung on the signs I saw initially, so I asked an ajusshi again in my broken Korean (Daejosa oh-di ga yo? – Where is Daejosa?), and then of course I couldn’t understand their spoken reply, don’t worry about it, you can get the direction from their body language. If you don’t know how to pronounce the names of these places, just copy down the name of the places from the pictures above and show it to people you meet along the way.

Walk along this path… Quite nice

Follow the mainroad when you see this, don’t turn right.

Walk until you see this, the right sided path leads to Daejosa Temple, the left one leads to Seongheungsanseong Fortress. Walk back here and turn the other way after you visit one site and go to the other.

This is a close up view of the sign you see here. If you know Korean/have copied the names down, then you will know which way is which from the sign here.

Going to the right is the way to Daejosa Temple.

Going to the left is the way to Seongheungsanseung.

I went to Daejosa first, along the path on the right hand side, and then you will see the following sign, the arrow actually leads you to the carpark of the temple here, so use the path on the left hand side. (Don’t worry, even if you take the wrong path, you can still walk up from the carpark.)


This is the exit in General Choi’s time in the drama.

To go to Seongheungsanseong, go back to the point where the two paths split and then go up the left side, the initial part is easy… And quite pretty with the red leaves, I don’t understand why there are red leaves in May…

Here is the challenging part… if you are not wearing sneakers, or if you are carrying two cameras like me…

Yes, you need to walk on these rocks…

When I walked past this part, I was just paying attention to the staircase without noticing the tree on the right side is that tree I wanted to see, the one in the last scene of Faith: Sarang Namu- Tree of Love.

Amazing view up there!!!

And then you can get back along the same route and take bus back to Buyeo town centre.

There is actually another filming location for Faith in Buyeo, you can also consider going- Baekje Cultural Land. I’m not sure which part was filmed there though. Both Six Flying Dragon and Faith has filmed here. If you are interested in going, check out this post of mine. Also there is another filming site in Buyeo at Gungnamji Pond for Six Flying Dragons, this is my post about it.



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