Joseon Royal Tomb-Heonilleung (Tombs of Taejong Lee Bang Won, Queen Wongyeong)

According to the introduction from Visit Seoul Heonilleung 헌인릉 is introduced as follows: “The name “Heonilleung” comes from a combination of Heollung and Illeung. Located in Naegok-dong, Seocho-gu, Heonilleung is a royal tomb site. The Heollung is the royal tomb of the 3rd King Taejong (1367-1422) of the Joseon Dynasty and his wife, Queen Wongyeong (1365-1420), from the Min family. The Illeung is the royal tomb of the 23rd King Sunjo (1790-1834) of the Joseon Dynasty and his wife Queen Sunwon (1789-1857) from the Gim family. All royal tombs from the Joseon Dynasty are designated UNESCO World Heritage sites. Heonilleung is unique in that it houses two kings born 400 years apart.”

Well, yes it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but I suggest you to visit Seonjeongneung which is very close to metro station Seolleung if you just want to see a UNESCO Heritage Royal Tomb. It is a very nice and convenient place for a relaxing walk.

If you have watched Six Flying Dragons like me, you may understand why I got this sudden urge to go visit such a place… If you don’t understand, nevermind, just check this out: “At the back of Heolleung and Illeung is a nice walking trail that leads a grove. Near the entrance, there are alder trees that have been designated as a special ecological preservation area by the city of Seoul. A long time ago, one alder trees was planted every five “lis”, an old Korean unit of measurement.” Looks like a very nice place to visit! (From Visit Seoul)



For more pics, check this link Visit Seoul


If you want to visit the tomb of Lee Bang Won, get out of exit no. 7 of Gangnam station, walk for about 200m, and take 471, 407, 440, 462, 500-5 bus, you will arrive at Heonilleung station (헌인릉) after about 30mins of bus ride.

Photo Credit: Visit Seoul Website

Travel information: Searched from daum by me



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