Secret Love Affair Filming Location- Cheongpyeong Jangnakwon Pension

If you have watched SLA, you must remember this place? This is the place where Seongjae and Hyewon stayed during their short trip, it is Jangnakwon in Cheongpyeong.



If you would like to go to this place, you can get there from East Seoul Bus Terminal to Cheongpyeong Bus Terminal and take bus 32-9,32-11,32-13,32-17,32-21,32-22,32-26,7000 to Seorak Myeon(설악면),it will take about 30 mins, and then you can take a taxi to the pension (about 17000W and about 30 minutes).

Alternative way is to take bus 8005 from Sangbong Bus Terminal(상봉터미널) to Seorak Myeon (설악면),then take taxi to the pension.

Room price ranges from 100000-280000W/night, depending on day of the week and the room.


Address: 경기 가평군 설악면 미사리로 914
Phone: 031-584-7279,

(Pic Cr: JTBC, 박상준)

More pics:




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