Seoul Palace- Changgyeonggung Palace


In the past few years, I saw FB posts from Korea Tourism Organisation recommending Changgyeonggung as the place to see flower blossoms in spring, so I have always wanted to find a chance to go visit, this year I finally went, and I found it just ok, not as beautiful as I thought it would be. Apart from the cherry blossoms near the entrance, most of the trees with blossoming flowers are solitary, so it didn’t look as spectacular as I have imagined.


However, inside Changgyeonggung, there is a lot of space and much less people compared to the other palaces, so I think it is a good place to be in Seoul if you want to find some quiet time and to relax.

Information about Changgyeonggung Palace

P.S. This is the place Sejong built for Taejong (Yi Bang Won) and this is also the palace where Prince Sado died. Suddenly can correlate all these with Korean drama and movies after knowing these facts haha.


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