Seoul Art/Korean Drama Filming Locations/Alley Walk- Pyeongchangdong 평창동


Pyeongchangdong is known as Beverly Hills of Seoul, and if you watch Korean dramas, you will often see Pyeongchangdong or hear about it, as the rich male leads in dramas often live in this area. While you walk along the alleys, you will find quite a lot of art galleries. And right behind the area, Bukhansan mountain is there, and actually the Pyeongchangdong area is part of the hiking trail around Bukhansan (Course 6) known as Bukhansan Dulle-gil.

I like Gana Art Centre the most here among all of the art viewing places in this district. Gana Art Center is designed by world renowned architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, he is also the architect of Incheon International Airport. Don’t forget to pay attention to the building itself when you are visiting Gana Art Centre.

To go to Gana Art Centre, take bus 171, 1020 (exit 3 of Gyeongbukgong Station), and get off at Lotte Apartment Station 롯데아파트 정류장, cross the road and walk up for about 320m, Gana Art Centre will be on your right hand side. When I went there a couple of years ago, there was a restaurant which appeared in Korean drama- The Greatest Love, but it was expensive and the food was no good.

Pyeongchangdong is at the base of Bukhanshan. so it formed part of the path around the mountain, and lot of houses in Korean drama, for example, house of the male lead in Nine and the Greatest Love, I heard Heirs was also filmed around here. A restaurant and area around that restaurant was used in the filming of Secret Garden too. And there is also an alley walk you can do, if you follow that alley walk, you can go through most of the places used in these drama. Please get off earlier at Seoul Art High School/Pyeongchangdong Community Centre Bus Stop (서울예술고등학교.평창동주민센터). The Alley Walk map is below.
Restaurant used in filming of Secret Garden (Location marked on map above)


Restaurant used in filming of Greatest Love


House used in in filming of Greatest Love (Actually Kim Jong Yong Museum, location marked on map above)



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