W兩個世界拍攝地點-全州電影街 W Two Worlds Filming Location- Jeonju Film Street


今年Lonely Planet選了全州成為亞洲最佳目的地第三位,下星期首播的W兩個世界上個月也有在全州拍攝,預告中這段打架的場面是在全州電影街的Megabox前拍攝。這裡除了是每年全州電影節舉行的地方,也是年輕人聚集商店林立的地方,有機會去全州可以去看看。

Jeonju was chosen as #3 top destination in Asia by Lonely Planet. It was also the filming location for the upcoming drama- W Two Worlds, this scene in the teaser was filmed right outside Megabox of Jeonju Film Street. This is where the annual Jeonju Film Festival is held and it is also a nice shopping area for young people. Consider adding this place to your itinerary if you are going to Jeonju.

Address for Jeonju Megabox
전북 전주시 완산구 전주객사4길 74-12

W預告 W Teaser


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