W Two Worlds Ep 13 Filming Location- Dal.komm cafe W兩個世界第十三集拍攝地點-Dal.komm cafe

This franchise coffee shop that appeared quite often in the Descendants of the Sun was the filming location for W Ep 13 too.


This is the place where Kang Chul and Yeon Chul had a date and then met Professor Park unexpectedly.


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 9.17.02 PM

這是Dal.Komm光化門分店。地址: 首爾鍾路區新門內路92號光化門Officia Building一樓

This is Dal.Komm Gwanghwamun branch.  Address: 1/F, 92, Officia Building Saemunan-ro, Chungro-gu, Seoul

電話 Phone:02.735.1744


Location: Gwanghwamun Station (Seoul Metro) Exit 5 or 7



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