My Favourite Budae Jigae 最愛的部隊鍋 심슨탕

Almost every friend of mine who has been to Seoul with me has tried the Budae Jigae in this place with me, and after you have tried this place, other budae jigae will be… just ok, because it is so good. Every friend of mine who has been here loves it. This place is also introduced in the program Tasty Road. The soup is boiled for a long time with beef and bones, so it is a lot more tasty than regular budae jigae. When I went there alone the first time, I just chose it by chance, they do offer the soup with rice for one person, however, you cannot have something like the pic below with food around the plate. The soup is just so tasty, every time I have it, I want to finish eating all of it.

差不多每一個跟我去過韓國的朋友都有給我帶過去這家店,吃完這家以後,所有的部隊鍋都變成普通…因為這裡是我吃過最好吃得部隊鍋。每一個我帶去的朋友都大讚好吃的。這家店在Tasty Road節目裡面也有介紹過。那個湯是特別用牛肉和牛骨長時間煮出來,所以味道跟一般的部隊鍋不一樣。我第一次是一個人亂走了進去,他們也有一個可以吃的一個湯加飯,湯是一樣,但沒有下面我拍的這圖這樣可以在旁邊煮其他東西。那個湯的味道好到,我是每次都想把它喝完。

There is one in Hongdae and one in Myeongdong. I have tried both. Personally I found the Hongdae one to be much more tasty.



심슨탕 弘大店 Hongdae
電話 Phone 02-323-8310
地址  Address 서울 마포구 홍익로5안길 16

심슨탕 明洞店  Myeongdong
電話 Phone 02-776-0738
地址  Address 서울 중구 명동길 52


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