鬼怪 第9集拍攝地點- 五臺山月精寺檜木路&龍平渡假村&Dragon Peak Goblin Episode 9 Filming Location- Odaesan Woljeongsa Fir Tree Path & Yongpyong Resort & Dragon Peak


(Screen cap and information source)


The scenes in snow in ep 9 are super beautiful, the place in the screen cap above is Odaesan Woljeongsa Fir Tree Path. I read on tripadvisor, one person who went to the temple stay said the path is lit up at night and is also very pretty.

五臺山月精寺 Woljeongsa Temple

官網Official Web: http://www.woljeongsa.org/


How to get there: Take bus to Jinbu 진부 Intercity Bus Terminal from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal or Seoul Nambu Terminal and then take a city bus bound for Woljeongsa Temple. 12 stations about 30 minutes. Or take a taxi from the bus terminal (about 20-min ride, 17000W).


In the map below, the blue marker on left upper corner is the temple and the one in the right lower corner is the place of filming, it should not be too far from the temple according to the scale of the map.




The filming location is close to the one above, the blue marker in left upper corner is the temple and the right lower blue marker is this filming location, you can see it is not far from the one above.


(Screen cap and information source)


(Screen cap source)


另外這滑雪場比較容易找,就是龍平滑雪場。渡假村就是在發旺山的山腳。上面的建築就是Dragon Peak。

“Dragon Peak位於發旺山頂(1,458米),瑞士風格,有西餐廳、韓餐廳和可以欣賞高原風景的咖啡屋。這裏的雪景是所有滑雪場中最美麗的。周日還可以乘日出觀光纜車看東海日出。从Dragon Peak到發旺山山頂,修建了可以散步的山路,步行需要20分鍾。” (來源)這裡也是冬季戀歌的拍攝地。

The ski resort is Yongpyong Ski Resort. The resort is located at the bottom of this Parwang-san Mountain. And the building in the picture above is Dragon Peak. Dragon Peak is a cafe with restaurant on the top of Parwang-san Mountain, and there is cable car for viewing sunrise on Sunday. It is also the filming location for Winter Sonata.

龍平滑雪渡假村 Yongpyong Ski Resort

용평리조트 스키장 官網 Official Website http://www.yongpyong.co.kr/


A drone taken video at the resort from FB, it is really pretty like the drama!!!


How to get there: Take bus from Dong Seoul Bus Terminal to Hoenggye (횡계) Bus Terminal, and then take taxi there, it will take around 9 minutes and about 8400W of taxi fee.

鬼怪 拍攝地點- Chocolatier Zino Goblin Filming Location- Chocolatier Zino


(Pic from tvN, screen cap and location credit)



This restaurant is not in Canada, it is in Paju. More pics inside the restaurant can be viewed on this Korean blog.


合井站一號出口出去,乘搭2200號巴士到Heyri藝術村一號大門外(大概45分鐘車程), 下車後過馬路到對面乘搭036號村巴,五個站以後下車(大概六分鐘), 到地龍農莊(지렁이농장)站下車,然後沿下面地圖的虛線步行七分鐘左右到藍色旗的位置。

How to get there

Exit 1 of Hapjeong station, take Bus 2200 to Gate 1 of Heyri Art Village (about 45 minutes), get off the bus and cross the road to take village bus 036, get off the bus after 5 stations (about 6 minutes) at Earthworm Farmhouse Station (I am not sure about the official translation on the bus,  the station is 지렁이농장), and walk along the dotted line in the map below to the blue flag (about 7 minutes of walking)


Chocolatier Zino 쇼콜라띠에지노

Phone 電話:031-949-8365

Address 地址:탄현면 대동리 94-5

鬼怪 第8集拍攝地點- 瑞雲山石南寺 Goblin Episode 8 Filming Location- Seounsan Seoknam Temple


(Pic from tvN, information and screen cap source)



The place where dokkaebi released the flying lanterns is Anseong Seounsan Seoknam Temple (석남사).

For more pics in the temple, please check out this Korean blog.

“位於距離安城市12公里的瑞雲山東腳。雖然說是位於瑞雲山北面的小寺院, 從寺院入口走到大雄殿的台階景觀十分壯觀。石南寺於新羅文武王20年(680)由當代高僧奭善大師所創建。爾後於文聖王18年(856) 由迦智山派廉居國師重建, 到了高麗光宗之子慧炬國師再度重建, 如此多高僧大師們經歷過石南寺。因此仰慕他們的眾多徒弟們專程來此修行, 因而成為幾百位參禪僧所住宿的修行道場。” (來源

“This temple was established in the Shilla Dynasty but the Taeungjon Hall of it was built much later and there are many reinforced sections. The monk Seoksun set up the temple in 680, King Moonmoo’s 20th year of rule in the Shilla Dynasty, and National Monk Haegeo enlarged it, but the temple was burned to the ground during the Japanese invasion into Korea in 1592. The existing buildings were built recently. The Dapogye form was adopted for the temple’s interior and the main building has Samjonbul (three Buddhist saints) and a roof with four eaves (Paljak roof). The pagoda, built by randomly piling up stones from around the temple, has a height of 210m and width of 70m. Considering the materials used in the pagoda, the year of the pagoda’s construction is considered to be sometime in the late Choson Dynasty” (Source)


由安城綜合客運站,乘搭10-1, 10-2, 10-7, 5, 5-2, 10-8, 20, 20-4巴士到市民會館站(시민회관)大概五分鐘,下車過馬路,轉乘100號巴士,到Sang-jung-ri-sang-chon(상중리상촌 )站下車,再沿下面地圖淺藍線步行1.6km左右,到藍色旗的位置。

How to get there

From Anseong Bus Terminal, take bus 10-1, 10-2, 10-7, 5, 5-2, 10-8, 20, 20-4 to Citizen Hall (시민회관) station (about 5 min), cross the road, take bus 100, to Sang-jung-ri-sang-chon (상중리상촌) station, get off the bus and walk along the light blue line to the blue flag (1.6km).



This Korean blogger first took a bus to Cheongryongsa Temple, bus 20 from Anseong Bus Terminal and then hiked up the mountain to the other side, and got back by bus 100. You can find the map for hiking and bus timetable on his blog.

Korean Learning 韓文學習 Part 1


不過開始講上面的那些書之前,我想首先推薦一個大家都可能聽過的網頁- Talk to me in Korean,和網頁上售賣的一些電子書。對,我除了實體書還買了不少電子書。 

Ever since before I took TOPIK in 2015, I have wanted to write about all these books I bought. Since some of them are not that useful, I don’t want others to waste money like me…

However, before I started talking about them, I want to start by recommending a site most of you probably know- Talk to me in Korean. Why am I talking about it? I guess most people knew about it already? Firstly, I just found out someone I know did not know about it today. Secondly, I want to recommend some of their ebooks. Yes, apart from books, I bought a lot of ebooks too. And no, I did not finish studying them all.

我一開始學習韓文,就是用這網頁,如果你沒有學過韓文,把韓文字母記了一遍,就可以由Level 1開始。我後來總覺得發音上有問題,所以在線上找了韓文補習老師,現在主要是跟老師練會話,其他大部份都是自學。去年四月考了一次TOPIK II,拿了180。

If you have just started learning Korean, just go and memorise Hangul (the Korean alphabet) and start from level 1 onwards. That was how I started my self-learning journey a few years ago, later on I found Korean tutors online because I had some pronounication problems and now I mainly practise oral Korean with tutors and study the rest on my own and I got 180 in TOPIK exam early last year.



  1. Slang Expressions in Korean
  2. Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions
  3. News in Korean series (Aug 2015)


Back to TTMIK website recommendations, if you are already at intermediate level, you can use the iyagi series from their website for free. And I also recommend

  1. Slang Expressions in Korean
  2. Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions
  3. News in Korean series (An example from Aug 2015)

I also bought some other books from them, like workbook, some of the iyagi series and vocabulary ones. Iyagi ones are ok, but as you can get most of the stuff for free, so it’s not as recommended as the 3 above.

#1 & 2 helped me learn some of the slangs/idioms you don’t find in standard textbook, and they will help you when you watch Korean dramas/variety shows. News in Korean series help a lot in listening (they read the news article in different speeds) and improves your vocabulary, and it helps a lot for TOPIK exam preparation too. You can view the sample pages and audio on TTMIK site. For me, this sort of stuff can help me in more effective memorisation of vocabulary, vocabulary lists can only stay in my short term memory…

鬼怪 第7集拍攝地點- 建國大學 Goblin Episode 7 Filming Location- Konkuk University


(Top Pic Cr: tvN)


The place where Eun Tak met her oppa is Konkuk University, because I have been there two years ago, so I recognised the place immediately when I saw it. The other two pics were taken by me then.


Just walk to the university from Konkuk University Exit 4 and then you will see the lake shortly after you get inside the university.

鬼怪 第4集拍攝地點- Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Goblin Episode 4 Filming Location- Sheraton Grande Walkerhill


(Pic Cr: viu/tvN)

恩倬暫時住的酒店是Sheraton Grande Walkerhill酒店.

The place where Eun Tak stayed for a temporary period was Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel.

鬼怪 拍攝地點- 恩倬學校及圖書館 Goblin Filming Locations- Eun Tak School and Library


(Pic Cr: viu/tvN)


Eun Tak’s school is Seoul Choong Ang High School(중앙고등학교), it is close to Bukchon. The nearest metro is Anguk station, about 1km from the metro station.



The scene in the canteen was filmed inside Seo Un High School (서운고등학교) in Incheon, I guess it is not open for visit, so I am not providing the transport details.

(Screen cap and location source)



The scene where Eun Tak summoned Kim Shin in a library was filmed inside Duksung Woman’s University(덕성여자대학교), I guess it is not open for visit, so again I am not providing the transport details.

(Screen cap and location source)