芝加哥打字機第五集拍攝地點- 梨泰院神仙雪濃湯 Chicago Typewriter Ep 5 Filming Location- Itaewon Shinseong Seolnongtang



The Seolnongtang restaurant Han Se Ju and Jeon Seol went to in Ep 5, the place where Jeon Seol’s friend works is located at Itaewon.

漢江鎮三號出口步行兩分鐘就會到達,排行程的話可以把Book Park排在一起。
2 mins walk from exit 3 of Hangangjin Station. It is very close to Book Park, so you can visit both of them together.


신선설농탕- 이태원본점

電話Phone: 02-793-8833

地址:서울 용산구 이태원로 254 1층 지하1층

芝加哥打字機第一集拍攝地點- Book Park Chicago Typewriter Ep 1 Filming Location- Book Park



This is a picture I took here last week.

這家書店位於漢江鎮站二號出口,一出門就可以看到Blue Square,還有自己專用的扶手電梯直到書店。這在梨泰院劉亞仁工作室Studio Concrete附近,如果有興趣,可以兩個景點排在一起。

This bookstore is on 3/F of Blue Square, which is right outside the exit of Hangangjin Station, you can see the elevator for the bookstore. This place is in Itaewon, close to Yoo Ah In’s Studio Concrete, if you are interested, you can arrange to go to these two places together.



大力女子都奉順Ep 11拍攝地點- 弘大Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Ep 11 Filming Location- Hongdae


When I first saw this scene, I knew it is Hongdae area, but not sure exactly where… so I wandered around the place I suspected, and here it is.

Untitled collage (1)


It is right opposite to Hongik University, in front of the flea market.

芝加哥打字機第一集拍攝地點- Cafe Valor Chicago Typewriter Ep 1 Filming Location- Cafe Valor 카페 발로

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 11.00.47 PM

韓世宙第一集舉行簽名會,然後遇上打字機的地方是位於仁川富平的Cafe Valor。

The place where Han Se Joo held his book signing and then first saw the typewriter is Cafe Valor located in Bupyeong, Incheon.

更多咖啡店的照片可以看這裡 More pics from the cafe

Cafe Valor 카페발로

Address 地址:인천광역시 부평구 백범로578번길 52

Phone 電話:032-577-3214

銅岩站二號出口,步行30分鐘或轉乘計程車或巴士103, 592, 10, 42, 700-1, 593, 530等均可到達。

Dongam Station Exit 2, walk for 30 mins or change for taxi or bus 103, 592, 10, 42, 700-1, 593, 530, etc.


大力女子都奉順Ep 15拍攝地點- 新沙洞Amorino Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Ep 15 Filming Location- Amorino Sinsadong

FotorCreated (2)


Haven’t heard of this gelato place before, but when I searched on the web, I found it is very famous in France, some said it is the best in Paris. Apart from gelato, they also serve macaron and drinks. You can go and take a look at the pic of the shop and the food here in this blog.

Ins上看到的照片,真的好吸引… The gelato pics from ins really look very very nice…


It is just 2 minutes walk from Sinsadong Station Exit 8.

網址 Website: http://www.amorino.com/en/city/seoul.81.html

Amorino 新沙洞分店 Sinsadong dong

地址 Address:서울 강남구 도산대로11길 18

電話 Phone number:02-512-2004

大力女子都奉順Ep 15拍攝地點- 雙大炮烤肉店 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Ep 15 Filming Location- 쌍대포 BBQ restaurant



I have been to this place because of Secret Garden (this is where they ate pig skin), so I thought it looked quite familiar and so I went to search for pics in the web to compare, and it should be the same place. Just 2 mins walk from Sookmin Women’s University Station Exit 9 or 10.

店名 Name of the place: 쌍대포소금구이

地址 Address: 서울특별시 용산구 청파동2가 95

電話 Phone: 02-707-1380


大力女子都奉順Ep 14拍攝地點- 蘭芝漢江公園 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Ep 14 Filming Location- Nanji Hangang Park




Which Hangang Park is this one where they had the picnic? This place is Nanji Hangang Park.

“蘭芝漢江公園是2002年世界盃體育場附近的四大公園之一, 它同時也是首爾環保項目中的成功典範之一。蘭芝漢江公園的所在地還曾經是韓國最大型的垃圾推填區, 直至1994年政府開始對這塊土地進行了改造。而現在蘭芝漢江公園已經成為了包括狹口蛙、啄木鳥及陸龜等16種珍貴稀奇或瀕臨絕種動物的棲息地。” (來源)

Nanji Hangang Park is one of the parks close to World Cup Stadium, it is also one of the successful eco-friendly projects in Seoul. The location was once a refuse landfill, but Seoul government started transforming the area since 1994, now apart from camp ground, wetland reserve can also be found inside the park.


Transport: World Cup Stadium station(Seoul Subway Line 6), Exit 1. Walk for 20 mins following the signposts to Nanji Hangang Park.


芝加哥打字機拍攝地點- 陜川映像主題公園 Chicago Typewriter Filming Location- Hapcheon Movie Theme Park


The scene in 1930s are filmed in Hapcheon Movie Theme Park .

Screen Shot 2017-04-10 at 5.47.09 PMScreen Shot 2017-04-10 at 5.49.49 PM

Transport information



This place is very far from Seoul, if you are going to the southern regions, then it is probably more convenient to go there on the way.


大力女子都奉順Ep 14拍攝地點- Royce 狎鷗亭分店 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Ep 14 Filming Location- Royce Apgujeong Shop

Screen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.14.22 AMScreen Shot 2017-04-09 at 12.14.34 AM

甜死大家的這一段,就是在Royce 狎鷗亭分店拍的,就在狎鷗亭地鐵站五號出口直行。

This sweet sweet bit in ep 14 is filmed in front of Royce Apgujeong Shop, just walk straight after leaving Apgujeong Metro Station Exit 5

大力女子都奉順拍攝地點- 高陽市自由路廢車產業 Strong Woman Do Bong-soon Filming Location- Goyang Jayu Road Car Disposal Place


I have found the location of this place some time ago on Korean web, but I did not post because I think no one would be interested because this place is just related to the bad guy. Well, last night’s ep (13) got wuli Min Min and Bong Bong here as well, so I decide to post about it.


Screen Shot 2017-04-08 at 10.48.10 AM.png


The car disposal place is in Gyeonggido Goyang Jayu Road Car Disposal Place.

Take bus 56 at Daehwa Station Exit 4, get off after 15 mins at 수문앞 bus station, walk for about 2 mins.

韓文名 Name in Korean: 자유로폐차산업
地址 Address: 경기 고양시 일산서구 멱절길 55
電話 Phone:070-4699-1516