Buam-dong Attractions 1- Seoul Museum

This is an art museum? Did you insert some wrong pics here?












No, I didn’t. This is Seokpajeong in Seoul Museum, it is a historic place which is part of this art museum, you can only get here after buying the museum ticket and then taking the elevator up to the top floor. The museum bought this place first, and then build the museum around this, that is why the art museum fits so well with this historic place.

Here at Seokpajeong, the view is like that of Chinese or Korean traditional landscape painting already, and from here we can see part of the Seoul old city walls nearby on the hills. There are two walking paths here, the Walk of Cloud and the Walk of Water, one with modern mural paintings, the other with words that can make us reflect about our life (though only in Korean), I think it is a good place for us to have some quiet moments recharging and reflect on ourselves while we wander around the art with the music in the background.


I visited the museum towards the end of the cherry blossoming period. Even when a lot of the flower petals were on the ground already, it still looked beautiful. I can only imagine how much more beautiful it would have been if I had been there a week earlier.

Exhibition in the museum changes every now and then, when I went there, the exhibits include Saimdang’s drawings and an exhibition named Cafe Society. Cafe Society was an art exhibition in which works from a group of young artists were shown in an environment that was made to look like a cafe.



One of the most impressing exhibit for me was the Music Room, it was a big dark room where MVs of a series of songs for comfort were shown.


One of them is the OST from Misaeng (and I am rewatching the drama because of this), when I sat there in the room,  I felt like I could just sit there for more than an hour! (What a pity I was in a hurry to go to another place so I did not…)



These two other songs also left an impression on me.









This is what the museum actually looks like from the outside, this looks like an art museum, right?


I saw a lot of tour buses and Hong Kong and mainland Chinese tourists there that day, and then later I found, there was actually a cosmetic and skin care shop right below… (!) No wonder… (Renting the place out to support the museum???)

Transport: Gyeongbukgong Station Exit 3, walk to bus stop, take bus 1020, 1711, 7016, 7018, 7022, 7212 and get off at Jahamun Tunnel (자하문터널) Station. (Source)

There are lots of places worth going around Buam-dong, I will write about them one by one:

Yoon Dong Ju Literature House and Poet’s Hill

Inwang Mountain

Zaha Museum


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