首爾弘大附近的韓食餐廳推介 Tasty Korean Restaurant close to Hongdae- 이대 조대포


I lived somewhere close by in my last trip, and I got so tired one day so I just went in after I saw the words “50 years of tradition”, and I found that tofu jigae is really tasty!!!! (left upper corner pic) And I went again a few days later, the second time- kimchi jigae, it also tastes very good! And the place is very cheap too!


Added information: Someone just went to the place and messaged me telling me this place sells dog meat, I did not pay attention to the menu when I went there, do not go if you cannot stand the idea of being in a place that sells dog meat.


About 5 minutes walk from Hongdae Station Exit 4.

韓文店名 Name in Korean: 이대 조대포

電話 Phone: 02-717-2091

地址 Address: 서울 서대문구 신촌로 11-3

仁川江華高麗山杜鵑節 Incheon Ganghwa Goryeosan Azalea Festival


I went to Incheon Ganghwa Goryeosan Azalea Festival in April, the area near the top of the mountain was covered by azalea, it was such a pretty sight that I have to recommend this place after I come back.

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 6.05.20 PM



You can go to Ganghwa Island from Sinchon or Hongdae using bus 3000, and get off the bus at Ganghwa Bus Terminal, and change for other buses to the starting point of the hiking routes (starting points marked with blue on the map above, a total of 5 trails). Because my friend is only available on weekend, so we went on a Saturday, there were many people and many cars, so there were traffic congestions and queues for buses, so please prepare more time for everything if you are going on a weekend.

When you arrive, you will see a timetable like the one below, the column on the left is the bus for starting point of route 1, the right hand side one is for route 2 to 5.

Bus frequency is around 3-6/hour in daytime from 6am, more frequent for course 1.

在人多的日子,我建議大家就像我一樣去了之後,看到那一班巴士可以擠上去就上去,反正都只是為了看花…我是上了去2至5號路線的巴士,所以本來是打算二號線上,一號下來(因為一號的起點其實是江華歷史博物館,那裡還有攤位市集等等, 但我們一上去就瘋了的跟著一大片杜鵑走,結果去了四號線那邊…所以最後就沿四號線積石寺那邊下來。江華島其中一個有名的是那裡的支石墓,我們沿著四號線過去也看到了不少,不過支石墓廣場那邊的應該更值得看吧?

If you are going on a day when the bus terminal is packed with people, I suggest you do what I did, just get on the first bus you can squeeze on, since any one of the course can get you to the flowers. I took a bus to courses 2 to 5, so initially we planned to go up the hill via course 2, and get down via course 1 (since the starting point of course 1 is Ganghwa Historical Museum, there are also stalls and markets there during the festival, but when we got up, we forgot about the path and just followed the flowers, so we ended up getting downhill via course 4). Ganghwa is also famous for dolmens, and there are some along course 4, but those in the Dolmen Site probably looks more like UNESCO heritage haha.


These are the dolmens along the way down course 4.



Before we started on the hike, we wondered if it would be difficult, since we could not find a lot of detailed information about it. Now that I have finished it, it is not very difficult, just about 1 hour uphill and not very steep.




I was worried about being hungry along the way, but actually there are food stalls at the starting point of course 2 and also on hill top, so you will be fine even if you do not bring any food with you.



This is a specialty food 쑥개떡 from Ganghwa, my friend loved it, I found it a bit bland for me, so you can try and see if you like it next time you go to Ganghwa. (P.S. After I visited this place, when I was watching the King Loves which was also filmed here, I noted that the heroine was actually eating this in one of the episodes.)


根據官網,每條路線所需的時間 Time required for each course according to official website

Course 1    1小時20分鐘  1 hour 20 min
Course 2    1小時  1 hour
Course 3    1小時  1 hour
Course 4    1小時50分鐘   1 hour 50 min
Course 5    2小時  2 hours

杜鵑節官網 Festival Official Website

This is also the filming location of The King Loves.


Circle:相連的兩個世界 Ep1 拍攝地點- 仁川松島中央公園 Circle:Two Worlds Connected Ep 1 Filming Location- Songdo Central Park

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 8.19.38 PM

This is Tri-Bowl in Songdo Central Park, Incheon. It is a multipurpose cultural art space.
Transport: Exit 3 Central Park Station

芝加哥打字機Ep 3 拍攝地點- 木部之院Chicago Typewriter Ep 3 Filming Location- Courtyard of Wood

Untitled collage (1).jpg


This is a place selling wooden crafts in Jeongseon, Gangwondo. Starting from this year, it will also start guesthouse and teahouse business.



Transport: Take taxi from Jeongseon Bus Terminal or Train Station, it will take around 1 hour 15 mins

韓文名 Name in Korean:목부에뜰

地址 Address:강원 정선군 임계면 장찬동길 439-70 (낙천리) 목부에 뜰

電話 Phone:033-563-5664

芝加哥打字機Ep 15拍攝地點- 大聖山淨趣庵 Chicago Typewriter Ep 15 Filming Location- Daeseongsan Seongchwi Temple

前幾天劉亞仁的instagram po的地方,就是Ep 15拍攝前生回憶的地方,是在慶尚南道山清郡大聖山淨趣庵。

The place Yoo Ah In posted on his instagram a few days ago is the place where the memories from the previous life has been filmed in Ep 15, it is the Daeseongsan Seongchwi Temple in South Gyeongsang Province.


韓國部落格照片可以到這裡 Korean blog pics here

It is basically a place quite difficult to reach by public transport. The cheapest way (not the fastest) is to take a bus from Busan West (Seobu) Bus terminal to Sancheong Bus Terminal (about 2 hours and 20 mins), then walk to 삼거리슈퍼 to take a bus to 원지 (only a few bus in a day), and get off at 모례 station, walk for about 2km to the temple. A more recommended way is to take a taxi from Sancheong Bus Terminal, it will take about 30 minutes by taxi to get there.


韓文名字Name in Korean:정취암
地址 Address: 경남 산청군 신등면 둔철산로 675-87
電話 Phone: 055-972-3339


韓劇韓文筆記- 芝加哥打字機Ep 13 Korean Drama Korean Learning Notes- Chicago Typewriter Ep 13

어이, 80년 살아온 유령,
넌 언제가 제일 행복했어?

전…지금이 가장 행복합니다.

우리 세 사람이 다시 함께 있는 이 순간이.

내일 무슨 일이 벌어질지
아무 걱정 없는
조국의 독립이니 해방이니
어깨에 짊어지지 않아도 되는
깃털처럼 가벼운 시간이.
아무런 죄의식 없이
라면 한 그릇에
마음껏 행복해할 수 있는
바로 지금 말입니다.

지금도 눈을 감으면…
그리운 얼굴들이
하나둘씩 또렷이 기억납니다.
두렵고 불안한 감정을 숨긴 채
서로를 위해 웃음을 꺼내보이던


  1. 짊어지다- bear, shoulder, take on one’s back
  2. 깃털- feather

그대들이 식민지 조선에서
느낀 고통과 울분은
이 나라의 현실을 바꾸기 위한 첫걸음이 될 것이요,
그대들이 흘린 피와 눈물은
이 나라의 미래를 향한
밑거름이 될 것입니다.

나의 부모, 형제, 나의 아이들,
소중한 벗과 연인, 그리고 동지들.
그들이 앞으로도 쭉 함께 살아갈
이 땅에 대한 사랑과 연민입니다.

분노와 투지는 빨리 불타오르나
현실의 벽에 부딪쳐 꺾이기 쉽고,
이상과 열정은 숭고하나
퇴색하기 쉽습니다.

그러나 나의 소중한 이들이
행복하길 바라는 마음은
변하지 않습니다.

조청맹 동지들이여,
끝까지 가봅시다!
우리 함께 해방된 그날을


  1. 울분- 鬱憤
  2. 밑거름- manure given at sowing time
  3. 연민- 憐憫
  4. 투지- 鬪志
  5. 숭고- 崇高
  6. 퇴색- 褪色

왜인지 표정이 무거워 보인다.
하긴, 거사 전날에는 늘 그랬었던가?

작전 실행을 앞둘 때마다 생각해.
오늘 모인 저들 중…
결국 몇이나 살아남게 될까.

난 늘 동지들을
사지로 몰아넣는 일을 하지.
저렇게 순박한 사람들 손에
총을 들며 때로는 목숨까지
희생시켜가면서 내가 하는 일이 뭘까.

무슨 소리야. 네가 없었으면
조청맹도 없었어.

이번에 너도 아주 위험해질 수 있어.
허영민이 덫을 놓은 건 나 때문이야.
수장 잡으려고 혈안이 돼있으니까.

우리 수장님
근심 걱정은 잘 알겠는데
여기 카르페디엠이야.
지금 이 순간을 즐기라고.
밖에 음악소리 안 들려?


  1. 거사- 擧事
  2. 앞두다- ahead
  3. 사지- 死地,몰아넣다- drive into
  4. 때로는- sometimes
  5. 덫- trap, 놓다
  6. 혈안- 血眼,되다
  7. 근심- worry, concern

이제 피하지 않아도 돼.
나 마음 완전히 접었거든.
명월관 일품 기생 매향이라면
내가 어떻게든 해보겠는데
조국을 상대로
투기를 할 수는 없잖아.

다음 생에 해방된 조선에서
다시 태어나면…
그땐 나 여자로 봐주는 거예요.

괜히 망설이지 말고, 철벽치지도 말고,
거짓말하지도 말고, 혼자 아프지도 말고
나한테 솔직하게 다 말해 달라고요.
이번 생에 못해준 거
다해준다고 약속해.

왜 자꾸 다음생을 바래…
그럼 너도 약속해.
반드시 살아돌아와.
수장 명령이야.


  1. 마음 접다
  2. 일품- 逸品,一品
  3. 투기- 鬪技 (also 投機)
  4. 철벽- 鐵壁,치다

(Transcript Source)

三流之路拍攝地點- 釜山凡川洞&水晶洞 Fight My Way Filming Location- Busan Beomcheon-dong & Sujeong-dong



The rooftop place that often appears in the drama is in Beomcheon-dong, Busan, the pretty night view is taken from Malli Hill. The location should be the place marked in the map below according to street view.


Transport: Beomil Station Exit 7 or 9 walk for about 1 km


For my visit here in May 2018, please read this

Daum map 


The place where they walked past in Ep 2 after leaving the police station is Sujeong-dong in Busan.



Transport: Busanjin Station Exit 1 walk for about 500m

Daum map