機智的牢房生活Ep3 拍攝地點 Prison Playbook Ep 3 Filming Location- Les Philosophies

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There are lots of interesting cafes around Seongsu-dong area, this is one of them. From their FB page, they sometimes have talks on art/books/movies and even concerts.


Transport:Seongsu Station Exit 3, walk for 2 minutes

店名Cafe Name:Les Philosophies 레 필로소피

地址Address:성동구 성수 2가 1동 309-148 협성빌딩 1층

電話Phone:+82 2-466-8082


一個人也可以吃的美食- 弘大豬肉/血腸湯飯 Hongdae Food Recommendation- Pork/Sundae Soup Rice


My friend and I chose this place randomly in my Sept trip. I had sundae (blood sausage, not ice-cream) once before, but I didn’t like it. This time my friend ordered sundae and I ordered an ordinary pork soup rice, she let me try some of her sundae, and it changed my view on sundae! It tastes good here!


One can choose spicy and non spicy soup, there are also pig bone soup, super spicy soup and set meals.


I like the pepper flavour of the soup, I like it a lot! I went back to eat the second time after my friend left. This pic below is the non-spicy sundae soup.



In the pic below, the one on upper part of the pic is spicy sundae soup, lower one is non-spicy pork soup.


價格也不貴!The price is very reasonable too!


就在弘大很多人表演的大街上!It is on the street where there are lots of street performances in Hongdae.



I saw poster from Fight for My Way here, not sure if it was filmed here or was this just a sponsor?


店名 Name of restaurant:보승회관  保勝(音譯)會館  Boseung Hall

地址 Address:서울특별시 마포구 동교동 164-6

電話 Phone:02-322-8111

網址 Website:http://boseunghall.com/


今生是第一次 第14集拍攝地點 一山白石洞文學專門Mr. Vertigo書店 This is My First Life Ep 14 Filming Location Ilsan Baekseok-dong Literature Specialized Mr. Vertigo Bookstore

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Transport: Baekseok Station Exit 8, walk for about 3 minutes

Bookstore name 書店名:일산 백석동 문학전문 미스터버티고 책방

Website 網頁:http://storefarm.naver.com/vertigo/

Address 地址: 경기도 고양시 일산동구 강송로73번길 8-2 (백석동 1246-4)

Phone 電話:+82 31-902-7837

(Pic Cr: 일산 백석동 문학전문 미스터버티고 책방 FB)

安東米芝蓮推介麵包店 Michelin recommended Bakery in Andong- Mammoth


This is Michelin recommended bakery called Mammoth in Andong.



I bought my breakfast here, I didn’t know what to choose, so I chose best number 1 and 2 according to recommended. There are seats inside if you wish to have the bread and cakes here. I was in a hurry so I took the stuff away to eat on the way to my next stop.


後來去玩完,5點左右回來,就發現跟我一早來沒什麼人的情形完全不一樣,結賬排了超長的人龍,然後Best No. 1的Cream Cheese Bread也沒了。

When I came back later at around 5pm, there were lots of people queuing and the best selling number 1- Cream Cheese Bread were all gone.



These two were pretty sweet to me, I guess it might be ok to Western people too, I am not really into sweet stuff. They taste pretty ok to me, but not really like amazing. You can check out their products on their website.

Mammoth 맘모스제과

地址 Address:경상북도 안동시 문화광장길 34

電話 Phone:+82-54-857-6000

營業時間 Opening hours: 0830-2200

當你沉睡時拍攝地點- While You Were Sleeping Filming Location- First Garden (퍼스트 가든)


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This is a place with various gardens based on Greco-Roman mythology, there is also a wedding hall as featured in this episode and an amusement park.

First Garden 網頁 Website

交通:雲井站(운정역)二號出口,轉乘088巴士,到Kaesun Sports(개선스포츠)站下車再步行400m

Transport: Unjeong Station(운정역)Exit 2, change for 088 bus, get off at Kaesun Sports(개선스포츠) Station and walk for 400m.



首爾觀看全景/賞楓地點推薦- 世運商街 Recommended place for viewing Seoul/fall foliage- Seun Sangga

世運商街是在宗廟對面賣電子用品的一座舊大樓(去裡面的店舖看一下好像是回到80年代的感覺),韓國朋友告訴我最近是翻新了,然後就介紹我去這大樓的屋頂賞楓。(懂沒神雜 S2 Ep 8資料:這裡是2017年9月重新”復活”的,原來我是新開不久就再去了,看完這集才知道這地方是這麼重要的,請看文末的截圖。)

Seun Sangga is a building right across the street from Jongmyo, my Korean friend told me it has been recently renovated, and recommended me to go to its rooftop to view the fall foilage around Jongmyo.


Let us look at the view from the top first. (You can go reserve a place for the Jongmyo tour first before going up if there is some waiting time needed.)

在宗廟正門望向對面就是這大樓,這次剛好有Dove Audio & Video Festival,所以就有一只大白鴿在屋頂。

The building is right across the road from the front door of Jongmyo, because of the ongoing Dove Audio & Video Festival, so there was a huge pigeon up there on rooftop when I visited.




Apart from the view towards Jongmyo, you can also get a 360 degree view of Seoul from the rooftop.

交通:鍾路3ga站11號出口 (宗廟),12號出口(世運商街)

Transport: Jongno-3(ga) Station Exit 11 (Jongmyo), Exit 12 (Seun Sangga)

Added on 18 Dec: From the program Dictionary of Useless Knowledge, this building was actually premium real estate in the 60s, with a very important role in selling electrical appliances. Someone actually said before, without Seun Sangga, there would not be Korea. Now it has been renovated to combine the old shops with the places for young entrepreneurs.

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This building still got some of the old electronics shops in the lower floors



And there are even excavations of some Joseon relics in the basement of this building.


一個人也可以吃的聖水洞美食-傳聞中的馬鈴薯湯 Food Recommendation- Seongsu-dong Somunnan Gamjatang (Potato Soup)


Gamjatang(감자탕)means potato soup in Korean, but it actually has more ribs than potatoes, which surprised me the first time I ate this, but this time I am not surprised anymore haha. The first time I ate this somewhere else, I was not impressed.


This shop was introduced by Baek Jong-won before, so it became really popular among Koreans, expect a queue when you go there, but the turnover was pretty quick when I was there.


This is the pot for one person, some said it is quite spicy, I think it is not. (And I am not the type of person who can tolerate very spicy food.) And even though I can only find three small pieces of potatoes in the soup only, I can taste potato in the slightly spicy soup! And it tastes delicious.



They also serve food for one person, just that the wait might be slightly longer, for a corner seat here.



This is the food set for 1 person.


來看看這家店的外觀就是這樣子 The shop looks like this


Name 店名:소문난감자탕

Address 地址:서울특별시 성동구 성수2가3동 315-100

Phone 電話:02-465-6580


In case you like Goblin, this restaurant is very very close to a filming location of Goblin.