高敞世界文化遺產支石墓+高敞四天三夜行程規劃 Gochang UNESCO World Heritage Dolmen Site+ My 4D3N Gochang Itinerary


As someone who is interested in megaliths, I have wanted to go visit the ones in Korea for quite some time, and finally I have got the chance to visit them last year. It is amazing that places across the world far away from each other got such similar structures.

“在高敞、和順和江華發現的石墓群建於公元前一千年左右,該墓群用巨型厚石板建造而成。這裡是全世界各地發現的巨石文化的一部分,同時也是這種文化最集中的一處。”  高敞的石墓群更是亞洲最大和最多種類的地方。可能不少去韓國旅遊的朋友都有聽過這支石墓,但其實這裡附近的雲谷濕地還被聯合國教科文組織(UNESCO)列入成為高敞的世界生物圈保留區

“The prehistoric cemeteries at Gochang, Hwasun, and Ganghwa contain many hundreds of examples of dolmens – tombs from the 1st millennium BC constructed of large stone slabs. They form part of the Megalithic culture, found in many parts of the world, but nowhere in such a concentrated form.

The Gochang Dolmen Site features the largest and most diversified group, and is centered in the village of Maesan, along the southern foot of a group of hills running east/west. Over 440 dolmens of various types have been recorded in this location.” (Source: UNESCO World Heritage Website)

Some of you might have heard about these UNESCO heritage dolmens, but one more interesting sights around this area which is less famous is the Ungok Wetland which is also part of the Gochang UNESCO Biosphere Reserve.

2017-09-16 10.36.08.jpg


In this trip of mine, I have only got half day for this place as I have booked Seonunsa Temple Stay starting from the afternoon on the same day, I did not have enough time to explore the area. There are 6 courses to explore around here (I just did course 2 & 3), if there is time, one can walk to Ungok Dolmen (This is the biggest dolmen in the area, and I read on some sources on the web, return trip is about 3 hours), and Ungok Wetlands are also close by. These are all worth visiting places around here.




This is what the museum looks like, inside there are some exhibits about dolmens and life of prehistoric Koreans, for me the best thing is this museum is that we can go to the rooftop to view the dolmens on the opposite river bank.



If you don’t want to walk, you can buy a ticket for the little train, it will take you around the major courses, but you won’t be able to take pictures of the dolmens alone, as many tourists will get off together with you for the photo stop.


Official Site in English

如果有時間,可以走路去雲谷濕地,大家可以在這韓國部落格看看這沿途看到的,去的路就在這支石墓中間的小徑(我在下面的照片用箭頭標示了),有英韓文的指示牌。沿這條路去雲谷書院(운곡서원)的話,還可以找到之前提過最大的雲谷支石墓(운곡 고인돌)。

If you want to walk to Ungok Wetlands, you can check out this Korean blog on what you can see along the way, the path starts right here in between the dolmens, there are signs with English and Korean. I read on Korean blog that after you see Ungok Academy (운곡서원), you will be able to see the Ungok Dolmen.


在高敞客運站那裡的巴士時間表(2017拍攝)我就貼這裡給大家參考,不過我實際的經歷是我在那裡等巴士去支石墓時,司機大叔們問我要去哪,然後我說了去支石墓博物館後,他們就叫我上一輛巴士,然後說可以在附近停給我步行過去。這巴士時間表對我來說最重要的意義是去看到底下一班會再經過的時間是什麼,因為在那裡可以直接乘巴士去禪雲寺,所以就給大家參考一下。禪雲寺時間表是照片的第七行(0640, 0725…那一行)

This is the bus timetable (taken in 2017) in Gochang bus terminal for your reference. When I was waiting for the next bus there, those drivers asked where I want to go, and then they told me to get on another bus and dropped my friend and I close by the museum. I think this bus timetable is most important for estimating when the next bus may pass by the bus stop. I took bus here where I got off directly to Seonunsa Temple. The bus timetable for Seonunsa Temple is the 7th column (0640, 0725… that column)



There is no bus stop sign on one side of the road, the bus just stops right opposite to the bus stop on the other side.


我的高敞四天三夜行程 My itinerary for your reference

Day 1:首爾-高敞 Seoul- Gochang

Day 2:支石墓博物館 Dolmen Museum- 禪雲寺 Seounusa Temple Stay

Day 3:禪雲寺 Seounusa Temple Stay- 高敞邑城 Gochang Fortress

Day 4:高敞郡大麥王國學園農場 Gochang Borinara Hagwon Farm


三豐百貨店事故慰靈塔 Sampyeong Memorial Tower


If you are watching Just Between Lovers (Rain or Shine), you might know that this drama is based on Sampoong Department Store Collapse in 1995.

Untitled collage (1)


Because of the discussion in the drama about the meaning of memorial. so I became curious about the memorial for Sampoong Department Store in real life.

原來原址興建的綜合住宅Daesang Acrovista(아크로비스타)並沒有建立任何紀念碑(來源),然後我還看這這個說,當年罹難者家屬要求紀念碑讓建築增加難度

The residential complex which is built in the original location right now does not have any memorial (Source), and I read this

“The project met difficulties in the beginning because of … protests from families of victims of the Sampoong accident who demanded a memorial at the site.”


3 years after the collapse (1998), the memorial was erected in Yangjae Citizens’ Forest which is in the same Seocho District, using donations from Korean people, designed by a professor from Ihwa University (김봉구) as recommended by the relatives of the deceased. The construction committee was formed by officials from Seoul City and Seocho District, representatives from relatives of the deceased and professors. (Source)


(Pic Source)

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 6.42.07 PM.png

(Pic Source)

這慰靈塔的設計是一個火炬 (來源),上面刻有罹難者的姓名和出生日期。

“This tower was designed to look like a torch”  (Source), names and dates of birth of the deceased were engraved on the memorial.


Location: The mark on the left hand side corner in the map of Yangjae Citizens’ Forest below, the memorial for KAL Tragedy.


(Pic Source)


懂也沒用的神秘雜學詞典S2Ep8 首爾鍾路篇美食 Dictionary of Useless Knowledge S2 Ep 8- Food

Untitled collage


電話 Phone:+82 2-764-2835

地址 Address:종로구 종로17길 40 (낙원동 221)

Untitled collage (1)

店名Name:원조함흥냉면 본관

電話 Phone:+82 2-2263-8497

地址 Address:종로구 창경궁로13길 16 (예지동 163)


About Seun Sangga in this episode, please read more here

首爾觀看全景/賞楓地點推薦- 世運商街 Recommended place for viewing Seoul/fall foliage- Seun Sangga

世運商街是在宗廟對面賣電子用品的一座舊大樓(去裡面的店舖看一下好像是回到80年代的感覺),韓國朋友告訴我最近是翻新了,然後就介紹我去這大樓的屋頂賞楓。(懂沒神雜 S2 Ep 8資料:這裡是2017年9月重新”復活”的,原來我是新開不久就再去了,看完這集才知道這地方是這麼重要的,請看文末的截圖。)

Seun Sangga is a building right across the street from Jongmyo, my Korean friend told me it has been recently renovated, and recommended me to go to its rooftop to view the fall foilage around Jongmyo.


Let us look at the view from the top first. (You can go reserve a place for the Jongmyo tour first before going up if there is some waiting time needed.)

在宗廟正門望向對面就是這大樓,這次剛好有Dove Audio & Video Festival,所以就有一只大白鴿在屋頂。

The building is right across the road from the front door of Jongmyo, because of the ongoing Dove Audio & Video Festival, so there was a huge pigeon up there on rooftop when I visited.




Apart from the view towards Jongmyo, you can also get a 360 degree view of Seoul from the rooftop.

交通:鍾路3ga站11號出口 (宗廟),12號出口(世運商街)

Transport: Jongno-3(ga) Station Exit 11 (Jongmyo), Exit 12 (Seun Sangga)

Added on 18 Dec: From the program Dictionary of Useless Knowledge, this building was actually premium real estate in the 60s, with a very important role in selling electrical appliances. Someone actually said before, without Seun Sangga, there would not be Korea. Now it has been renovated to combine the old shops with the places for young entrepreneurs.

未命名拼图 (2)

未命名拼图 (3)


This building still got some of the old electronics shops in the lower floors



And there are even excavations of some Joseon relics in the basement of this building.


高敞邑城 Gochang Fortress


Because I wanted to go see buckwheat flowers, so I went to Gochang, and then explored around the nearby sights as well. I thought this fortress was just a city wall like thing, but I was wrong.


This is the ticket, if you come in spring, the azalea should be pretty sight too.



Once you walk past this gate, you are inside the city walls.



You can walk around the city wall once if you turn to your left, I thought about doing that…




Until I realised when I go up there, no walls anymore… you can fall down if you slip… (I think if you are careful then you won’t, but I am scared of heights… so I abandoned this idea.)



If you walk to the centre, there is a huge piece of lawn, and some rebuilt buildings like prisons and pagodas. Because the real historic fortress was destroyed before, everything you see now is just reconstruction.



You can see a model of the famous dolmen here in Gochang.



When you walk all the way to the back, there are lots of trees and for me that is the highlight of this place! Super tall trees and bamboos inside. I love it!


See from another angle how tall these bamboos are, and I think those paper lamps will be lit up at night, so it probably feels very different here at night.



Trees and pagoda, feels so refreshing to be here



This place is opened until night time, so if you have time, you can consider coming in the late afternoon, then you can stay till it’s dark, it is probably going to be very special, but we were too tired that day, so we left before the sun set.


This place is not far from Gochang Bus Terminal, just around 15 mins walk from the terminal.

當你沉睡時 Ep 3 拍攝地點- 三清洞 While You Were Sleeping Ep 3 Filming Location- Samcheongdong area


The first part here on the way to work is all around Samcheongdong, later on they went super far to the coffee shop


這在德成女子高中後面, 位置在下面地圖標示的位置

This place is behind Duksung Girl’s High School, location marked in the map below




經過的花店是Botte Flower. The flower shop they have walked past is Botte Flower. 

Address 地址:서울시 종로구 안국동 63-1

Phone 電話:02.737.8934



We Are Young Mural is located in stone walled alley here marked in the map below


And the location here where they have stopped is marked in the map below


王在相愛的不同拍攝場 The King Loves Filming Location- Drama Sets/Theme Parks

Sagueks are often filmed in different drama sets around Korea, I haven’t been to any of them, so I can just guess which part the drama is filmed through pics online.



小時候放鷹那段就很明顯是鬼怪拍攝古裝戲的同一個地方- 羅州攝影主題公園

Naju Image Theme Park is where the hunting eagle bit was filmed for teenage Won.

去年鬼怪時寫的交通資料 Transport information I wrote last year for Goblin



MBC drama of course is filmed in MBC Da Jang Geum Park, from these pics maybe San’s house and some of the court scenes?



These pics are for Seorak Cinerama, I think they also look familiar from the drama

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Additional one which is not a filming set, but also in Sokcho with Cinemara, I think Younggeumjeong Pavilion (영금정) might be the place where they filmed the last scene where San was almost dying on the rocks



Danyang Ondal Open Film Set is where Won’s house for training is located, also the street where they had the running competition.




It is also filmed in Changwon Marine Drama Set, below is a pic on ins showing filming was done there, but I don’t remember which scene this is. More pics of the place here.



Also drama filming set at Cheongju I mentioned before on FB, for CG and interiors, like the falling bridge scene in the beginning