仁王山健行徑 Inwangsan Mountain Health Trail

之前提到的尹東柱文學館和詩人之丘那裡繼續走就會開始到了這健行徑 From the Yun Dongju Literature House and Poet's Hill, you will see the start of this trail 沿途一直有清楚的指示,一條是最簡單沿馬路邊走的,另一條是樹林徑,我初時是走馬路旁這條 There are very clear signs all along the way, one path is right next to the road suitable even for wheelchairs, the other is the forest trail, I started at first with the one next to … Continue reading 仁王山健行徑 Inwangsan Mountain Health Trail


Starfield Library

這是只開了幾個月在Coex Mall的Starfield Library,沒錯是在商場裡的圖書館。好壯觀的感覺,不過其實最壯觀的都是拿不下來的書,哈哈 This is the Starfield Library inside COEX Mall opened just a few months ago. https://www.instagram.com/p/BZyO_VUlyFZ/?taken-by=korea.travel.art 圖書都有分類 The books are classified into different categories 不會看韓文?不用擔心,這裡有英文雜誌 You don't know any Korean? Don't worry, there are English magazines. 還有日文雜誌 Also Japanese magazines 有很多桌子讓大家使用,肚子餓嗎?還有下面照片右手邊的蛋糕店 There are many desks around for reading. Hungry? There is a cake … Continue reading Starfield Library

美食推薦 Food Recommendation- 新沙洞 Sinsadong 김북순큰남비집

我本身超愛泡菜鍋,所以兩年前看到說李鍾碩推薦這家餐廳已經超想去…但不知為什麼,我每次明明沒行程最後都弄到超忙,兩年後的這趟才成功去了… I love Kimchi Jigae, so ever since I heard this place was recommended by Lee Jong Suk, I wanted to go, but somehow it was delayed till this trip. Finally! 我是清早開門後第一個顧客,過了十五分鐘進來的也是香港人,哈哈,這裡在遊客中是有多有名…? I was the first customer in the morning, so the place was empty. 全都是名人簽名的鍋蓋,我超餓,沒什麼心情研究到底有誰的簽名,反正大多都不認得,就只拍了李鍾碩的 The wall was covered by autographed pot covers, I … Continue reading 美食推薦 Food Recommendation- 新沙洞 Sinsadong 김북순큰남비집

新沙洞李鍾碩咖啡店 Lee Jong Suk Cafe at Sinsadong- 89Mansion

https://www.instagram.com/p/BZa5BdiF1Nx/?taken-by=korea.travel.art 門外的裝飾 Decorations outside 我去的那天只有地下一層營業,樓上應該是有他寫的字,不過還沒開放,之前有粉絲上過去,這裡有照片。 Only ground floor is opened on the day we went, there should be words written by him on the wall upstairs, these are pics of the cafe from fans who went earlier. 先來看看吃的,我們去的那天只有這款蛋糕,我們都不知是什麼蛋糕,但味道不錯。 For the food, on the day when we went, only this type of cake is available, we … Continue reading 新沙洞李鍾碩咖啡店 Lee Jong Suk Cafe at Sinsadong- 89Mansion

付岩洞 Zaha Museum

去付岩洞那天,本來是跟著去仁王山的路牌走,向上爬了一小段路,就偶然去了這家設計蠻特別的美術館。 That day when I was in Buam-dong, while I was following the signs to Inwangsan, I found this little art museum on the way. https://www.instagram.com/p/BWe-9nVFY-t/?taken-by=korea.travel.art 地下有一個收錢的箱子,入場大概1000W左右,其實也沒人看你有沒有放錢,不過沒有很貴啦,大家進去就支持一下。 When you get there, you will see a small box at the entrance requesting for an entrance fee of about 1000W? I forgot the exact amount, not much … Continue reading 付岩洞 Zaha Museum

首爾弘大附近的韓食餐廳推介 Tasty Korean Restaurant close to Hongdae- 이대 조대포

https://www.instagram.com/p/BVrYinVFuQx/?taken-by=korea.travel.art 上次就住在這附近,逛得好累就懶去找吃的,看到寫著五十年傳統,就進去試試,很好吃的豆腐鍋(照片左上),所以過兩天又去試了泡菜鍋(照片右下),兩個都很好吃!(應該不是我太餓的幻覺吧…XD)然後價格還要是很便宜! I lived somewhere close by in my last trip, and I got so tired one day so I just went in after I saw the words "50 years of tradition", and I found that tofu jigae is really tasty!!!! (left upper corner pic) And I went again a few days later, the second … Continue reading 首爾弘大附近的韓食餐廳推介 Tasty Korean Restaurant close to Hongdae- 이대 조대포

芝加哥打字機第十一集拍攝地點- Space Shinseon Chicago Typewriter Ep 11 Filming Location- Space Shinseon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_UDGQf4v_xw 作家和田雪約會的美術館是梨泰院的Space Shinseon,覺得和之前他們去過那家雪濃湯好像?沒錯這是雪濃湯那家公司和Si.Wha.Dam這品牌一起經營的空間,其實就在雪濃湯的隔壁。官網說Space Shinseon是一個飲食文化和藝術還有分享的空間。 This is the art gallery where Se Joo and Jeon Seol had their date in ep 11, did you think it look similar to the Seolnongtang place they went together before? According to their website, this place is operated by the Seolnongtang company and a brand named Si.Wha.Dam, it is actually … Continue reading 芝加哥打字機第十一集拍攝地點- Space Shinseon Chicago Typewriter Ep 11 Filming Location- Space Shinseon