孝利家民宿第二季 Ep13 Hyori’s Homestay S2 Ep13- Megabox Jeju



Movie date for Hyori and Sangsoon

Little House in a Forest: A bold and ambitious attempt from the leading Korean variety team

Looking at the sunlight through the leaves.

Gazing at the heavy rain outside the window.

Listening to the flowing river.

Savouring the flavour of a single kind of food.

When was the last time you did all these?

Mindfulness originated from various religion (contemplation in Christianity and Zen in Buddhism), it has been widely used in areas of psychological health, stress release and pain medicine. For city dwellers, how many of us had the time to really get the space to experience its benefits?

This team (from the leading Korean variety PD Na Young Seok team) took a risk at the ratings to create such a space for us.

The two subjects of experiments were sent to live in a small house in a forest, to see if they can be more happy there. It is labelled a “documentary”, but there are missions like a regular variety show, the difference is these missions are not just for the two artistes, they are also what the team want for us to experiment in our life. For example, the first mission was minimalism, throwing away the excesses in our life.

The choice of the subjects is really good (for the big contrast in their original life), one carrying one backpack and one carrying two suitcases to the forest. No matter which type of person you are now, you can get healed and happiness in the process.

PD Na said they did not try to make the show amusing, this show hoped to help viewers concentrate in the sound of wind and water, and the team hopes that viewers would make viewers sleepy when they watched the show.

I think they are successful. Without this show, I would probably never have noticed the difference between the sound of burning wood under different humidity.

This team (which has also produced the Dictionary of Useless Knowledge) carried a sense of mission in the shows they produced, I think they took a even higher risk here to produce a show without trying to make it interesting at all.

For me, it is a very successful attempt, after just one episode, it has already become one of my favourite shows in the PD Na team series. (The other two include Youth over Flowers and Dictionary of Useless Knowledge.)









靜觀 (Mindfulness)這種起源可以追溯到不同宗教傳統(例如:基督教/天主教的默觀,佛教的禪修),近年廣泛應用於心理健康,減壓,痛症治療等範疇。但對於城市人來說,到底有多少人有空間可以靜下來體驗它的好處?







P.S. 看完這部,對蘇志燮好感大增。他在節目裏看的這本 死亡是什麼, 我找了韓文版試閱了一點,好像真的是不錯的一本書,但好像找不到這本的中文版?

孝利家民宿第二季 Ep10 Hyori’s Homestay S2 Ep10- Piccola Cucina

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This is the place they went together on the day Bo Gum left for Seoul in S2.

來源 Source

They have brought IU here in Season 1. 第一季的時候他們帶過IU 來。


這餐廳必須先預約,要用kakao talk搜尋 “삐꼴라쿠치나”,然後預先預約,這店有放假/農務休息之類也會在kakao 的告示版公告。

You must make a reservation through kakao talk by searching “삐꼴라쿠치나”, they also announce their latest news like when the place is closed for vacation.

Name 餐廳名字:Piccola Cucina 삐꼴라쿠치나

Address 地址:제주특별자치도 제주시 애월읍 하소로 769-58

Phone 電話:064-787-9844